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4 Aspects To Consider When Purchasing Table Lamps

Table lamps not just light up your room, they also help in decorating your home. To purchase the ideal light you have to be cautious to avoid losing cash and time. Here are some of the aspects that you should consider when making the purchase:

Light Function

There are many reasons that you can purchase a table light: you can buy it for reading or as a nightstand. You can likewise buy it for entertainment purposes. Knowing the reason you are buying the lamp will help you in knowing what to look for when it comes to: the lamp size, kind of shade and bulb wattage.


Table lights come in all sizes. When it pertains to height, most of them range from 25" to 32". To purchase the best size you have to think about where you will be putting the light. For example, if you will be positioning it on a delicate or narrow table you ought to go for a slender lamp.

The height of the table also determines the height of the light that you ought to opt for. If the table is short, you ought to opt for a longer lamp; nevertheless, if the table is tall you need to opt for a shorter light.

Light Bulb

The bulb depends on the function of the lamp. Bulbs range from 15-150 watts. You have a large range of bulbs that you can opt for. For example, you can choose between CFLs and LED. You need to always choose a bulb that fits your intended function.

If you want the light for decorative functions you must go for a low wattage bulb. If on the other side you want the lamp for three-way lighting you ought to choose a high wattage bulb that will supply you with a lot of light.

Style Of Your Home

You shouldn't opt for a light just since it provides you with the light that you want-you ought to also consider the design and style of your house. As rule of thumb you ought to guarantee that the light complements the theme of your room or house.


These are suggestions on ways to buy the right table lights. Table lamps are expensive; for that reason, you must make sure that you buy the right ones. As general rule you need to guarantee that you purchase from a reputable store. For the lamp to maintain its elegant try to find a long period of time you need to regularly clean it.

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